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Mon: Shark Attack

Paddles and pullbuoy mandatory. Our weekly speed session will build swim- specific upper body strength to handle dynamic race day conditions. Expect short, hard sprints on dead arms. The perfect 'pick-me-up' hormonal boost to start your week right.

  • Stop watch with lap function
  • Paddles/pool buoy/band
  • Shower facilities available

  • Included in Complete Coaching Package

Wed: Track Attack

Our infamous 'Track Attack' sessions comprise of Speed and/or Tolerance sets depending on the specific requirements of your race season. Runners are assigned workouts according to their developmental needs. Core and functional strength work included.

Every Wednesday 

7.00 - 8.30pm

CCAB Track
21 Evans Road, S259368

  • Stop watch with lap function
  • Yoga mat/towel
  • Water bottle
  • Shower facilities available

  • Included in all individual coaching packages

Thur: The Hundreds

Not a killer session - This steady aerobic swim is designed to slip some easy volume into the week. We mix it up to hit different systems; Tolerance/ Response or simple Endurance. 

  • Stop watch with lap function
  • paddles/pull buoy/band
  • Shower facilities available

  • Coaches 'In-session'
  • Included in Complete Coaching Package

Weekend Blowouts

ANYONE is welcome to join our monthly blowout. This session is all about getting back to basics and simply remembering the joys of our sport. Each month we explore explore unique training sessions where your only goal is to EXHAUST YOURSELF HAVING FUN. 

Weekend Blowouts are free sessions so round up your crew and head over.


Like all the best secret parties, you need to subscribe to our newsletter for details. 


  • Free for all 

Sat: Braves' Bike

Our weekly group ride is a social 80 - 100k affair for intermediate - advanced riders. In order to keep the ride tight, this free session is for invited  Braves' Squad members only.

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Pricing Plans



5 sessions

Any training session

2 months expiry


  $ 150/5 sessions 

Commitment Phobic


10 sessions

Any training session

4 months expiry


$ 250/10 sessions

True Player



Unlimited training sessions

Single weekly email consult

Recurring payment

    $ 140/mo