Plan B : Way of the Braves' 

Plan B is the Braves' training philosophy that has evolved from 10 years of professional triathlon coaching.  

The Plan B framework steers away from using generic heart rate or power zones because there is not a simple formula to plug in for a quick answer. Rather, our approach to training goes beyond large volume, aerobic conditioning and builds a complete endurance athlete by defining 5 distinct physiological systems in the body; 


Respecting the specific hormonal response elicited by each of these systems,  allows our coaches to design your training programme so that each previous workout lays the groundwork for the the next one. While one system is working hard, the other rests. Each training plan is customized to our athlete's individual priorities and to the ebb and flow of their life’s other important demands. Our emphasis on sustainable training allows our athletes to train consistently within the limits of their available time.

Plan B produces results because we believe that all 3 triathlon disciplines are intimately connected and that your best race requires far more that being good at the 3 sports separately. In fact, our training principals are triathlon specific and would not make sense to the pure cyclist/ runner or swimmer. We use everyday tools to build race - specific sessions that target priority areas, while structuring the entire week's training around your schedule to make it as easy as possible to get it done.  

Our emphasis on a high level of communication via app, email, phone or Skype ensures that the critical elements such as Nutrition / Motivation and Enjoyment / Fatigue and Stress Management are addressed. We will give you the truth about training, including its negative effects, and promise not to inflate or stroke your egos because it’s our job to help you avoid the mistakes that others may make.

This is Pan B - The way of the Braves'.


Head Coach


Shem has been hooked on triathlon since he topped his Age Group at his  first Olympic Distance race in 2005. An Honors Degree in Health Science, and a decade of  professional triathlon coaching, enables him to craft sustainable and effective training plans for all his athletes.


From newbies to World Championship qualifiers, Shem has helped 100s of athletes achieve their dreams. Communication, attention to detail and care for each athlete are hallmarks of his coaching style. He believes that a balanced and active lifestyle produces positive change in the live's of his athletes. 
Shem continues to enjoy training and racing at a high level. A family man himself, Shem understands life's demands on the age-group athlete, as well as the fierce motivations that drive them. As a result, his athlete's Personal Records continue to fall as they enjoy longevity in the sport. 

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