Enjoy the stories behind these breakthrough performances from the BRAVES' crew. Our athletes come from all walks of life and have broad and different goals, but the simple truth is that our sport rewards consistency and hard work, there's no other way. 

 Triathlon trains the mind as much as develops one’s physical state. It helps me develop a healthy lifestyle, keeps me focused, disciplined and teaches me to manage my mind - William Tan

My training gave me the confidence that I had the speed and endurance to reach my goal.  I looked at my watch and I knew I still had a chance.... Read more- Casper Hsieh

I had actually done about 7 half-Ironman races prior to Sri Lanka but none of them were satisfactory. I never thought I was racing anywhere close to my potential and it always left me disappointed. Read more- Daryl Ang

With my coach, I have been able to progress on all three disciplines; in fact, the bike, which used to be my weakest link is now my strongest discipline - Read More - Edmund Tai

Think you can go quicker? Maybe. I didn't think I could go this fast in the 1st place. - Read More - Ben Vella

I was amazed at the building fitness without injury – I have always approached marathons nursing something, this time I felt fantastic. I may have gotten thru this without a coach but I would never have had the positive experience - Read more - Peter Tierney
I love that triathlon has no shortcuts. It’s a simple equation of what you put in is what you get out. Now that I’ve gone under 10, I don’t want to go back above it - Read more - Ben Hecksher.
The benefits include a structured programme tailored to your specific requirements and availability, the sense of accountability and having someone who takes an interest in you personally - Read more - Megan Gray
It was a beautiful moment that highlighted to me not to ever take myself too seriously and keep perspective on what’s really important - Read more - Peter Anderson.
We focused on building bike strength, which was identified as an important area to develop.  After just 1 month, I smashed my PB in Busselton with a 4h45'!!  I was able to ride hard and still felt fresh to do a great run off the bike - Read more - Alexis Girin
The main characteristics to look out for in a good coach are, clear and precise communication, high technical abilities and having the right levels of experience to go with it. I look forward to continuing with Shem as he has helped improve my performance and abilities immensely - Read more - Paul McCalman
My coach and I had first a thorough discussion on my life style. Each aspect was taken into account and based on those inputs he prepared a training schedule that perfectly fit my needs. With Shem I picked a winning lottery ticket. Read More - Roberto Carfagno 

This is why my recent success means so much to me; I managed to win the mental fight and crossed the finish line, knowing that I gave all I had on that day! -Read more - Thomas 

I was drawn to his humble and gentle spirit. I also recognized that he had a pure love for the sport and a blind, reckless motivation to take it as far as possible. When I think of Lucky chasing his dreams it inspires me to stay hungry and do the same - Lucky

Learning to race/train based on feeling took me some time. I was too focused on ‘executing the training plan’ and ‘looking at the numbers’ that I wasn't listening to my body. Shem was great at probing out how I was feeling and adjusting my plan accordingly  Read more - Peter Crawley



* Over 15 World Championship qualifications at Xeterra, ITU, Challenge, IRONMAN70.3 and IRONMAN races

* Countless AG podiums

* Sub 10Hr Ironmans 

* Sub 5hr Ironman 70.3s 

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