Complete Coaching

$395 Per Month

  • Customized training plan 
  • Unlimited email consult
  • Priority response; Email/ Text / App
  • Monthly review; Face-Face / Phone / Skype
  • Weekly Track Attack run session
  • Weekly Swim sessions

The Complete package allows Coach to spend more time with you, making it a good choice for :

brand newbies requiring a little more guidance getting off the ground

- eg : understanding basic principles of endurance training/  perceived effort levels/ setting up your device/ collecting and interpreting data  

* the performance-orientated athlete looking to understand the how's and why's in greater detail

- eg : nutrition and fuelling / race craft - strategy and execution / seasonal planning     

Complete Athletes also benefit from :

*  analyses of all  training data

* option of a monthly face to face catch up via coffee / Zoom

* unscheduled changes to training plans due to travel / other changes in schedule

* priority email / whatsapp response time  

Limited to 8 athletes.

$395 Per Month

Currency: Singapore Dollar