Banyan Tree, Cassia Apartments  

  • Brand new serviced apartments
  • Train hard, recover easy 
  • Luxurious surrounds
  • Cafe Lunch
  • Pool / Beach front dinners
  • Discounts on massage   





  • 8 guided sessions 
  • Clear open water swims 
  • Bike; strength and tolerance 
  • Run; tolerance and neuromuscular 
  • Big Endurance ride 
  •  Sprint Race Simulation


  • The Strong Athlete: off peak vs race season programme/ age-group essentials 
  • The Hungry Athlete: off peak vs race season nutrition/ measuring your macros
  • The Thinking Athlete: Motivation/ Mindset/ Balance and Visualization  
  • Prepare your questions!

Braves' Coaching is excited to be working with Crowie in this very special edition 4th edition of the Bintan Endurance Camp.  With his input into programming the sessions, Craig will be training alongside the participants and guiding them through the camp one day at a time. Campers will also  have the rare opportunity to tap into Craig's vast experience through 3 informal open- mic sessions that will wrap up each day. 

Calling all fans - Do not miss this chance to get up close and personal with the man himself!

Training schedule


Day 1


  • AM - Open Water Swim: Race-craft
  • PM - Run: Tolerance Intervals 
  • PM - Open-mic : The Strong Athlete



Day 2


  • AM 1 - Bike:  Tolerance session   
  • AM 2 - Open Water Swim - Active Recovery 
  • PM - Bike:  Big Gear Strength Intervals
  • PM - Open-mic : The Hungry Athlete



Day 3


  • AM - Long Easy Bike - Fully supported vehicles
  • PM - Open Water Swim:  Speed/ Strength 
  • Discussion : The Thinking Athlete 



Day 4 : Race against Crowie! 


  • Staggered start sprint simulation with generous head starts : )
  • 750m swim/ 20km Bike/ 5km run